August 16 1956: Has returned to Singapore by car



 “Niubizi” Mr. Huang Yao
Has returned to Singapore by car
He has made immense contribution to education during his stay in Kuala Lumpur

Upon the Federation Education Department’s invitation, the master cartoonist and creator of Niubizi cartoon series, Mr. Huang Yao has been touring Malaya since the end of last month. He started with Malacca and then he made a detour to Kuala Lumpur to give talks in the schools there. His audiences were extensive.

They included students from junior school to high school, from kids to youths. Those whom he has taught and spoken to were able to derive profound understanding from his interesting speeches. Even if it was the most solemn of philosophy, he was still capable of delivering speeches in the most humorous way. He was able to make very thorough explanations, even though he was only teaching cartoon art, its effectiveness was for the whole education. The "Niubizi educational cartoons Exhibition" organized by our local Chinese schools Teachers' Association was very meaningful. Although the preparations were hastily done as the venue has restricted use only on weekdays, but the audience appeared in waves all day long. The crowd came in tens of thousands, resulting in an unprecedented grand occasion. It signified the noble art’s importance in people's lives as illustrated in Huang’s "Dao Shu" (or “Inverted Writing”). It has been generally agreed that without hard work, it is almost impossible to attain his level of artistic achievement, which is almost out of this world. He earned the respect and admiration of people from all walks of life. As a result, admirers have requested calligraphy from him for days on end. It was heard that Huang had received urgent notice to return to Singapore and hence he has to make a trip back. He had already left for Singapore last night (the 15th) travelling by car. [newspaper source unknown]


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