March 12, 1987 Nanyang Shangbao Malaysia News

Huang Yao’s memorial service and retrospective exhibition will be held in Malaysian Institute of Art
All are welcome to appreciate Huang Yao’s masterpieces at the exhibition

(Kuala Lumpur News, 12 March 1987) Mr. Huang Yao’s memorial retrospective exhibition has been set to be held at the Malaysian Institute of Art’s Exhibition Centre at 12:30 in the afternoon, on the Friday of the following month.

During one of the preparatory sessions, the convener of the exhibition – Zhong Zhengshan of the Malaysian Institute of Art announced that they would exhibit works of Mr. Huang Yao, all of which were not for sale but were fully insured by their owners.

Guests invited to the meeting include Yao Tianping, Zhong Zhengchuan, Liu Guoyao, Li Meirong, Chen Ganyi, Chen Jinsha, Wang Jianwen, Xie Tiansong, Huang Naiqun, Pan Jinhai, Yang Bozhi, Zhuang Jinxiu, Ye Fengyi and others responsible to contact collectors or to lend one or two of their masterpieces for the exhibition. Volunteers from the public who are willing to provide and lend their works as exhibits are welcome to contact the above-mentioned persons or the Malaysian Institute of Art directly.

The painting selection for the exhibition will be done by Zhong Zhengshan and Yao Tianping.

Mr. Huang Yao’s wife, Madam Zheng and her son Huang Yan attended the meeting. Madam Zheng expressed her gratitude to the arts and cultural world and to friends who have helped to organise this memorial service and retrospective exhibition. She also said that she will provide some of Huang Yao’s work to be exhibited.

Her personal collection included Huang Yao’s cartoons: (1) Sketch of Siam, (2) Vietnamese scenery, (3) Niubizi and Chuyun Shu together with many other works of Mr. Huang Yao’s masterpieces that were not exhibited before.

She said that upon the opening day of the exhibition, she will exhibit some of the masterpieces and after which she will only exhibit the duplicates.

Prior to the start of the meeting, the committee rose to observe a minute of silence in respect for Mr. Huang Yao.

The next meeting has been set to convene tomorrow at 4 p.m. at the Malaysian Institute of Art. All suggestions and assistance are welcome from the public.