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Huang Xingxian (1910-1992)

1910 born on 15th February in Qianyu Village of Gushan Town, city of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. 1931 he set up a white crane school at Guo Min Road in Shanghai. He took part in activities of Chin Woo Men where he met exponents of different martial arts and sharpened his skills further. During this period he came across and grew fond of Tai Chi Chuan. 1956 At the invitation of the Chairman of Singapore Chinese Medicine Association Mr Pan Ren Yu, GMH moved to Singapore to teach Tai Chi. Among his students were some famous personalities including rubber magnate Dato’ Lee Guang Qian, philanthropist Mrs Loke Yew, banker Dr Lian Ying Zhou and show business magnate Dato’ Loke Yun Tao. During this time, Huang’s Tai Chi was born. 1970 For the sake of charity to raise funds for the needy, a wrestling match was arranged in Kuching between GMH and renowned wrestler Liao Guang Cheng. GMH won with a score of 26 to zero. 1973 to 1983 more associations are formed throughout Malaysia. 1982 At Tenom, GMH hosted an international Tai Chi conference and inauguration of the Tenom Association building which was set up based on the concept of ‘Tai Chi as One Family’. 1992 On 21st December, passed away in Fuzhou, China.

Ref: Huang's Tai Chi Association Tenom


In the article "A Branch of Taichi", Huang Yao mentioned the friendly relationship he had with the Taichi master Huang Xingxian.  On 1st August 1982, the Huang Taichi Association held a grand opening in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia. Huang Yao was one of the VIPs. Not only had he attended its opening ceremony, he also participated in the Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition that was going on concurrently. Going through our archives, we found that there is a possibility that both these elderly men might have known each other in the 1930s in Shanghai. The key point was that the Shanghai Jingwu Association that had existed from 1932 to 1934. The reference is as below:

".......in the 1930s, when I worked at the Shanghai newspaper, Xinwen Bao, I would warm myself up every winter day by taking a warm bath at the Jingwu Association in the Dalu Mall at Nanjing Road. At that time, Mr Wu Jianquan also taught taichi in the Jingwu Association...."

From Moyuan Suibi : All One Family Under Taiji


 "In 1931, because of his persistence and insistence in learning the martial art form, along with his unusually high ability to learn, he won the favour of Master Pan, his teacher who he had treated like his own father. Possessed with good behaviour and academic achievement, Master Pan recognised this rare prodigy and encouraged him to go to Shanghai, a city renowned for martial art, to enrich himself by learning from other teachers. In Shanghai, he resided at "Sanshan Hall" with the help of fellows from the same village. Later he established a martial arts school to teach "white crane boxing" at no. 53, Panjia Lane, Guomin Road in Shanghai. At the introduction of friends, he participated in the activities of "Jingwumen". He made many friends, exchanged skills with other martial art experts, improved his skills and art. Whilst he had learned many other branches of martial arts, he was still in particularly enamoured with Taichi. 

Ref: Huang's Tai Chi Association Tenom


"....In 1932, after the January 28th incident, the Jingwu Sports Association established a branch in Dalu Mall, Nanjing Road, Shanghai, to carry out 'boxing'-dominated sports activities. ..."

Ref: Shanghai Tong(Chinese)


"Jingwu Sport Association's aim is to promote Chinese martial arts and advocate the rejection of sectarianism. Jingwu Sport Association had never called itself "Jingwumen". However, people in society did refer to the Jingwu Sports Association as Jingwumen. Bruce Lee, who starred in "Jingwumen" has made this name famous...."

Ref: Baidu(Chinese)


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