August 1 1982: An art exhibition was held during Huang Tai Chi Association grand opening ceremony.



Excerpt from the website “…Grandmaster Huang decided to hold a grand opening ceremony for the Association building on 1st August 1982. He hoped to encourage more branches to follow suit, using Tenom as an example. At the same time, the Association also celebrated its Sixth Anniversary and Grandmaster Huang presented certificates of proficiency to students who passed the Tai Chi grading exam. The guest of honour was Dato' Lin Yuan Xin, then Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Sabah.

At the personal invitation of Grandmaster Huang, many distinguished guests both locally and from abroad attended the function. Among the guests were the wife of the late Grandmaster Professor Cheng Man-Ching - Madam Ding Wei Zhuang as well as students of Grandmaster Cheng including Mr. Wang Shi Zhang (USA); Drs. Yu Kang Qiang and Chen Han Xiong (Australia), Mr. Wang Sheng Bang - President of Singapore Tai Chi Association and former Senator Zhang Yong Xiang (Singapore), General Shi Jue - Chairman of Taiwan International Tai Chi Chuan Federation, Mr. Pan Qing Ru - Chairman of Kaoshiong Tai Chi Association (Taiwan), Mr. Hu Yun Zhuo - President of Hong Kong Chung Hwa Martial Arts and Sports Federation, artist Mr. Yi Yue Shi (Hong Kong).

Also present were well-known calligrapher, Mr. Huang Yao and students of Huang Tai Chi from all over the world. The total number of Tai Chi attendees was in excess of 200. In conjunction with the above function, an art exhibition featuring Chinese paintings and calligraphy was held in the Association building. The exhibits included works of Grandmaster Cheng Man-Cheng and Madam Ding Wei Zhuang, Li Xia, Ren Bo Nian, Huang Jun Bi, Weng Wen Wei, Huang Yao, Li Jia Yao, Yi Yue Shi, Guo Qin Fang, Venerable Master Bo Yuan, Tao Shou Bo, Wang Yuan Ren, Huang Guo Bin, General He Ying Qin , General Xue Yue. The above events marked the most memorable and proudest moment in the history of the Association…”

Ref: Huang's Tai Chi Association Tenom


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