October 1936 published in Shanghai Manhua (Shanghai sketch) vol. 6


On April 21, 1928 (the 17th year of the Republic of China), one of the most influential cartoon magazines in China's history, the weekly "Shanghai Manhua" was born. It was published by the "Manhua Club" organized by Ding Song, Zhang Guangyu and others. "Shanghai Manhua" were stone-printed copies, each issue had 48 pages with 4 pages in color. On June 7, 1930 it ceased to exist as it merged with "Shidai Huabao". 

"Shidai Huabao" was co-founded on September 20, 1929 by Ye Qianyu, Zhang Guangyu brothers and Huang Wennong. "Shidai Huabao" appeared to be more lively because it was interspersed with considerable number of cartoons. It was called a "professional entertainer" among the 4 major picture magazines "Liangyou", "Shidai", "Wenhua" and "Zhonghua".

On May 10, 1936 Zhang Guangyu published "Shanghai Manhua". It had the same name as the one founded 1928, but this one is by Zhang Guangyu alone and not by the Manhua Club. 

Ref: stong.gov.cn


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