August 15 1943: Several Solo Exhibitions in Guilin


Exhibition content:

  • “Wartime Chinese”,
  •  “Chongqing Cartoon”, 
  • “Guiyang Cartoon”, 
  • “Guilin Cartoon”, 
  • “Auxiliary Capital (Chongqing) Cartoon”,
  • “100 Longevity”,
  • “The Charter of National Spirit”


  • The Provincial Party Headquarters, 
  • The City Party Headquarter, 
  • Bailong Central School, 
  • City Chamber of Commerce


Huang Yao held several solo exhibitions in various parts of Guilin simultaneously in order to raise funds for the prevention of disease and money for maintaining orphanages.

In order to raise money for immunization and pre-school education, Huang Yao’s Exhibition were held at the Guomindang Provincial Division, Guomindang Municipal Division, Municipal Chamber of Commerce, and Bai Long Central School. Niu Bizi cartoon series, “Wartime Chinese”, “Chongqing Cartoon”, “Guiyang Cartoon”, “Guilin Cartoon”, and “Auxiliary Capital (Chongqing) Cartoon”, and artworks “100 Longevity”, and “The Charter of National Spirit” were exhibited in the above different locations at the same time.

Any visitors donating 100 yuan, Huang Yao would give him a piece of painting as gift. During the exhibition, Huang Yao was present everyday to paint and write calligraphy downside up.

Huang Yao’s exhibition received a lot of good reviews. Chen Yaohua from Sao Dang News wrote the following article, ‘Niu Bizi and the Chinese People –A Writeup for Huang Yao’s exhibitions’. An extract : “Life in China has been difficult since the beginning of the war but this did not stop the artists from creating. For the first time we see art truly liberated from the slavery of capitalism especially in Chinese paintings. When we look at Huang Yao’s ‘Chinese People in Wartime’, the feeling is fresh and real. ‘Chinese People in Wartime’ is a long series of cartoons, each piece is filled with blood and energy but this spirit is transferred onto paper in a humorous way.

The maturity of presentation is seen for the first time in China’s art. How the Chinese are able to survive six years under the bombardment of the latest weapons, we can find the answer in this set of paintings. Foreigners consider China’s ability to resist the aggression a puzzle but that is because they do not understand the Chinese people. Now Huang Yao and his brush is able to give a satisfactory answer in what seems like a casual simple presentation, negating tens of thousands of words that would otherwise have been needed to provide and explanation. This is why now with a few pieces of cartoons, we achieve diplomacy.”

Source :  ‘Saodang Bao’ (Saodong News), August 15, 1943.

According to Feng Yan, in the ”Chronicle of  art exhibitions in Guilin during the Anti-Japanese War“ page 64 has this record," August 15, the Provincial Party Headquarters, the City Party Headquarter, Bailong Central School, City Chamber of Commerce and other places at the same time organized 'Huang Yao Art Exhibition'. The exhibitswere social sketches and lyrical paintings total a few hundreds. Anyone who donated $100 was presented a painting.  Everyday, Huang Yao would be at the exhibitions,  giving impromptu performances for audience in calligraphy and painting , and demonstrating his unique way of writing the characters upside down .


PDF Download: “Chronicle of  art exhibitions in Guilin during the Anti-Japanese War” (14pages 1.2MB,Chinese) 


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