1930s Wang Yiting


The Foundation has discovered an unpublished draft of an article titled, "My painter friend, Wang Yiting". Huang Yao was a regular and often met his friends from the art circle at "Gong De Lin", a vegetarian restaurant (in the 1930s had an upstairs area for painters to gather, paint and have discussions).


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Wang Zhen (1867-1938)

Wang Zhen (zi Yiting, hao Bailong Shanren, native of Wuxing, Zhejiang). Guohua painter. Apprenticed to picture-mounting shop in Shanghai, where he met and was greatly influenced by Ren Bonian. After working for several banks in shanghai, became wealthy merchant with strong connections in Japan. 1911 met Wu Changshuo, who became his mentor and close friend. 1930 founded Sino-Japanese Art Lovers’ Association. 1931 led art delegation to Japan that included Zhang Daqian, Wang Xian, Qian Ya, and Wang Jimei. Member of Haishang Tijingquan, Bees Society, and many other guohua societies. 1937 severed his business connections with Japan and moved to Hong Kong. Continued to paint all his life and even did some oil paintings.

Ref: Michael Sullivan, Modern Chinese Artists.


        Article from shtong.gov.cn


Youtube Link: Wang Yat Ting 


PDF excerpt of "At the Crossroads of Empires, Middlemen, Social Networks and State - Building in Republican Shanghai - Wang Yiting in Social Networks of the 1910s-1930s Shanghai, by Prof. Kuiyi Shen, 2008". Permission obtained from Prof. Shen.


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