Nov. 28th 2012: Christie’s Auction House, Hong Kong yesterday sold three ink paintings created by Huang Yao in 1980 - “Riding the Dragon”, and a pair of children paintings “Rolling Coins” and “The Whole World in a Toss” - under their Fine Chinese Modern Art Paintings category with the following details -


“Riding the Dragon” or “Cheng Long” commemorating the year of the dragon, was inspired by a mythological story of an emperor riding a dragon to heaven and becoming an immortal. The mysterious dragon that exists in all cultures since time immemorial is, in the Chinese culture, a symbol of power and force. Chinese representations of dragons have two long deer-like horns, a long horse-like nose, feet with chicken-like claws and a long snake-like body. They are often found coiled

round the pillars of palaces or temples, however Huang Yao preferred them to mysteriously appear and disappear amongst the clouds as portrayed in this painting.

The two other paintings selected by Christies for this auction are based around the theme of traditional games played by Chinese children. Be they simple pebble tossing or time-intensive rolling of coins, these games are usually competitive, involving winners and losers. “Rolling Coins” portrays a perhaps time-intensive game with coins, tiles and demarcation lines that are likely played during spring festival holidays, whilst “The Whole World on a Toss” portrays a pebble-tossing game frequently played. However, act of “tossing” may have reminded Huang Yao of the fortune-determining toss that is practiced universally, thus inspiring his humorous titling of this painting as “Qiankun Yizheng”, i.e., the whole world on a toss, or a gamble of high stake!

The gradual release of paintings for sale aims to raise funds for the foundation’s operations and further research as well as to fund initiatives such as exhibitions and 3D IMAX animations. “Although it is hard to part with these cherished memories of my Grandfather, I believe that he would be pleased at our goals for the Huang Yao Foundation and glad that his dreams are living on”, says Carolyn Wong, Huang Yao’s granddaughter / Founder of Huang Yao Foundation, 2012.

In May 2012, Christie’s Hong Kong successfully auctioned Huang Yao’s “Immortal Chess Players” (Lan Ke Shan Tu) or “Playing Chess” (Christie’s title) ink painting sized 140 x 73.8 cms under Lot 3037 in the Fine Chinese Modern Art Paintings category for US$ 88, 012 (HKD680, 000), exceeding Christie’s estimates of US$19, 419 (HK$150,000) to US$ 25, 893 (HK$200,000).

For more information about Christie’s and the sale, catalogue and slideshow for this event, please refer to the “Fine Chinese Modern Paintings” section under “Calendar and Results” at


Link: 3 painting (with images ) to be auctioned by Christies on 27th November 2012


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