September 25 1937 Cartoon published in Salvation Cartoons (Jiuwang manhua) - vol. 2


     The assault by our Northeast compatriot by Huang Yao


(A) Our northeastern compatriots were captured without reason by Japanese soldiers.  
(B) They were administered drugs that muted their vocal cords thus were unable to call out.
(C) Forced to don Japanese soldier uniforms, they were shipped to Shanghai, and forced to fight.
(D) The Northeastern compatriot could not bear to kill his own countryman, so he charged at our gallant warrior with bayonet pointing downwards, and stabbed only his foot. 
(E) As he was being killed by our gallant warrior, he was crying out that we are all compatriots!



On August 13, 1937, at the outbreak of war, the Chinese nation was once again facing a critical juncture; all cartoon magazines in Shanghai were force-halted. However, a large number of artists decided to leave the "cross street", setting off the wave of anti-Japanese national salvation. On 24th August, the "Salvation Daily" was founded. A month later, on 20th September, the "Salvation Cartoon", a supplement to the “Salvation Daily” and an independent publication, commenced as an every fifth day publication.  The "Salvation Cartoon", edited by Wang Dunqing, was hosted by the Shanghai cartoon community's Salvation Association and distributed by Lu Shaofei. The editorial board of 21 members - from the first issue on composed of Ding Cong, Ding Shen, Wang Yancun, and Wang - eventually expanded to 41 people. 

Picture and writing from the "Resistance War Cartoon" compiled by Shen Jianzhong published in August 2005.


Link: Resistance Cartoon by Shen Jianzhong


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