October 28 2012 Wenzi Hua Centerpiece by Huang Yao


On 28 October 2012, Huang Yao’s calligraphy “Be content, thus be happy always” officially joined the collection of calligraphic works by respected Chinese calligraphers that are engraved in stone at the Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery at the Oriental Villa in the Nirvana Memorial Centre. The recently  launched gallery holds a collection of over 150 steles engraved with the calligraphy of renowned scholars from the dynasties of China to the modern day.


        Photo from Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery


Huang Yao (1917 – 1987)

Huang Yao, a well-known international cartoonist, came from Zhejiang province and lectured in Jinling, Nankai and Fudan Universities. His cartoon character "Niubizi" became famous across China in the 1930s. He settled in Malaysia in 1956, and held many educational cartoon exhibitions. For many years, he was headmaster of Xinmin Independence High School, and one of the founders and consultants of the Association for Calligraphy and Arts in Malaysia. He held the Folk Art Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in 1981 and the Porcelain Painting Exhibition in 1985. Huang Yao participated in the Fourth International Calligraphy Group Exhibition in 1983 and the Fifth International Calligraphy Exhibition (Japan) in 1984. He was a deeply cultured person with profound literary and philosophical attainments. Huang Yao’s calligraphy and paintings, with its unique personal style, are very forward-looking; they set him as leader of the modern art of calligraphy. His “Wenzi Hua” and “Emerging Cloud” calligraphy are firsts of their kinds, with calligraphy written upside-down, from the bottom of the page upwards, whilst his ink paintings, in original styles, merged local folk culture with the essence of Chinese painting. He was an unusual bloom in the modern Chinese ink painting.

Translation of inscription beside the stele by Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery


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