October 28 1937 Yang Huimin



Yang Huimin (1915-1992)

Yang was a Girl Guide during the 1937 battle of Shanghai who supplied a Republic of China flag and brought supplies to besieged defenders of the Sihang Warehouse. Her actions proved inspiring to the defenders, who flew the flag the next day break in front of thousands of watching eyes across the bank of the Suzhou Creek.

Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yang_Huimin


Among Huang Yao's old photos, there is one with the following handwritten words at the back 

"This is the  girl guide Yang Huimin (who brought a Republic of China flag to) the "Eight Hundred Warriors", the defenders of the Sihang Warehouse. She came to visit at Leshan, Sichuan in 1937 (should be 1938 as Huang Yao was not in sichuan until 1938).

Huang Yao and the Boy Scouts of the Anti-Japanese War had a very close relationship. Mr. Chen Jiying in its "Remembering Huang Yao" had recorded that at the beginning of the War of Resistance Against Japan, initiated by the  publicity division,Huang Yao's request for anti-Japanese 'Niubizi' cartoons was greeted with a response of over one hundred thousand cartoons by children. The National Boy Scouts brought the exhibitions to the cities in the interior of China for publicity, this had contributed greatly to arousing the people to combat against Japan's ambitious aggression.  

It is possible that Huang Yao could have gotten the date wrong. It could be 1938 instead of 1937. Huang Yao left Shanghai immediately after the Sihang Warehouse incident. He went to Nanjing, then followed the military's retreat in December to Hankuo, where he was sick for about a month. After that he traveled to Chongqing with writer Zhang Henshui. By the time he was found in Leshan it would be more likely to be 1938. He went many times to Leshan to visit his girl friend Zheng Baoling in Wuhan University. They were married after she graduated from the law school. 

YouTube Link: Documentary Eight Hundred Warriors (Chinese)


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