June 20 1936 Cartoon published in Shidai Manhua (Modern Sketch) - vol. 27


The Big Clown of the Funny Cartoons - "Niubizi"

The 3rd edition of Book 1

The 2nd edition of Book 2

Huang Yao's cartoon character "Niubizi" has long been popular as China's first humorous cartoon clown. His style is unique, with very simple lines he draws lively, active and expressive postures, following the organized way of drawing Niubizi, without any extra dot or lines, without background, and without using words to explain [what is going on], naturally showing the funny side of life that arouses laughter. The content has deep satirical meaning, making veiled jokes of people in society, one often needs to guess and even debate [who he is referring to], its delightfulness and meaning never decreases, people of all ages are never tire of reading it.

As a result newspapers and magazines all over China have made special arrangements to publish Niubizi, the response is welcoming. The creator had collected the best cartoons and had published 2 books of them, the sale within the country and overseas exceeds tens of thousands. There are additionally big 4 large full-paged cartoons, "The cruel world" and "Niubizi Funeral", the covers of these books are pictures of Niubizi made from bread, fruits, coins and clay models. For readers who like to draw Niubizi, there is an article by the Wan Brothers titled, " An Analysis of Niu Bizi" showing how the strokes are organized to draw the face and figure. The price for  book is reasonable, only 15 cents each, breaking the record of low price of books. The main distribution is by Zhongguo Tushu Company at 380, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai. The books are also available in big bookshops.



                                                   W. Buffoon

                         Shaoye Junguan    by:W. Buffoon

          W. Buffoon


Modern Sketch stands out among the nearly 20 illustrated humor and satire magazines that proliferated in mid-1930s Shanghai.

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