1930s Zhang Leping


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Zhang Leping (1910 - 1992)

Cartoonist. 1930s influenced by Ye Qianyu, did cartoons for Shi Dai Man Hua and Du Li Man Hua. During WWII joined Anti-Japanese Cartoon Propaganda Team. 1935 his cartoon series San Mao (Three hairs), about a poor street boy, first appeared in Shanghai. An enormous successs, it was revived after WWII. 1952 joined Shanghai People’s Art Publishing House as staff artist, and produced serial pictures and New Year paintings. From 1953 prominent in Jiang Feng’s reorganizeation of CAA.

Source : Michael Sullivan, Modern Chinese Artists, 2006.


Huang Yao and Zhang Leping met in Shanghai in the 1930s as they were both involved in cartoons. They were both on the organizing committee as well as were exhibited at the 1936 First National Cartoon Exhibition in Shanghai.


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