1940s Liu Yazi


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Liu Yazi (1887-1958)

Was born in Lili Town, Wujiang, Jiangsu Province. His family was educated and saw to it that he received a classical education, especially in poetry. His father was a supporter of the reform movement in the late Qing Dynasty, and influenced his son to be politicically active. In 1903, Liu Yazi went to shanghai to study and was exposed to the many currents of revolution circling through the literary and political world. He joined several societies and started Nanshe, a group of writers and poets who discussed change and evolution in both the literary and political world.



In Guilin, Huang Yao lived at Yueyashan (Crescent mountain) and were neighbors with Zhao Shaoang. He was also in contact with Tian Han, Liu Yazi, Xu Beihong, Yin Shoushi, Xiong Foxi, Duanmu Hongliang and others.

Source : Chen Jiying – Ji Huang Yao (Download PDF, 19 pages 16.2MB,in Chinese)


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