1930s Ding Cong


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Ding Cong (1916-2009)

Cartoonist and illustrator. Son of cartoonist Ding Song. Studied part-time in Shanghai Meizhuan. Before WWII edited pictorial magazines in Shanghai. Active in Hong Kong and later in West China and border area during WWII. 1946 back to Shanghai. 1947-48 in Hong Kong, worked for several periodicals, active member of Renjian Huahui with Mao Dum and other Democratic League refugees from the KMT. 1948 visited Hong Kong. 1949 on staff of China Pictorial, Beijing. 1957 branded a rightist, not cleared until 1979. Noted for social satire and illustrations to works of Lu Xun and other modern Chinese writers. His most famous works are two satirical scrolls, Xianxiangtu [Images of today] and Xianshitu [The reality of today]

Source : Michael Sullivan, Modern Chinese Artists, 2006.


Huang Yao and Ding Cong met in Shanghai in the 1930s and can be seen here together in the photo on the wall at Ding Cong's Cartoon Gallery. 

Link: Ding Cong's Cartoon Gallery


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