1930s Guan Liang


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Guan Liang (1900 - 1986)
Painter, especially of landscapes and Beijing Opera figures.
1918 studied oil painting in Tokyo under Fujishima Takeji
1922 after graduating, returned to China, taught in various colleges in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuchang.
1927 joined the Nationalist Expediting force to eliminate northern warlords, was in west China during WWII.
1950s held many exhibitions in China.
1957 exhibited in West Germany.
1983 professor at ZAFA, vice chairman of the Shanghai Artists Association.

Source : Michael Sullivan, Modern Chinese Artists, 2006.


Huang Yao and Guan Liang most likely would have known each other in Shanghai. In Chen Jiying's article, “In Memory of Huang Yao”, he writes that Huang Yao, Ni Yide, Guan Liang, Ye Qianyu and Ding Cong are old friends.


Download PDF: Chen Jiying article "In Memory of Huang Yao" (in English)


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