1930s Hu Zaobin


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Hu Zaobin (1897 - 1942)

He was a versatile artist. Poetry, calligraphy, seal carving, painting.  He could paint in the style of gongbi, xieyi and western painting. Good at painting tigers, through the combination of Chinese and Western techniques, he brought life to his paintings of tigers. 

In 1934, with friends Zhu Fengzhu and others, set up in Shanghai the graphic art society.

With the establishment of the art group ”Li Shi” in 1936, he was one of the founders and served as its chief with membership of over 130 people.

In 1938 with the fall of Shanghai he left for Hong Kong.

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Huang Yao often had meals with artists such as Wang Yiting, Zhang Yugui, Zhang Xiaolou, Hu Zaobin, Qian Huafo, at the vegetarian restaurant called Gong Delin and Jue Linsi in Shanghai. As Huang Yao was the art editor of Shanghai Post he would have had access to such people.

Ref: “In Memory of Huang Yao”, Chen Jiying, 1980 (in English)

Ref: 牛鼻子其人其画--谢冰莹


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