1930s Qian Huafo


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Qian Huafo (1884 - 1964)

In his early years, he was devoted to the revolution and joined Tongmenhui as well as the United Democrats of the 1911 Revolution. After the founding of the republic, he declined all official work. He instead painted figures of Buddha. Founded a film company and new theatres as well as improving social education. Along with Xu Beihong and Hu Zaobin, they were members of “Li She” (an art society).
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Huang Yao often had meals with artists such as Wang Yiting, Zhang Yugui, Zhang Xiaolou, Hu Zaobin, Qian Huafo, at the vegetarian restaurant called Gong Delin and Jue Linsi in Shanghai. As Huang Yao was the art editor of Shanghai Post he would have had access to such people.

Ref: 牛鼻子其人其画--谢冰莹

Download PDF: “In Memory of Huang Yao”, Chen Jiying, 1980 (in English)


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