1930s Ye Qianyu


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Ye Qianyu (1907 - 1995)

Cartoonist and painter. 1920s studied for a while in San Francisco. Founding member of “Shanghai Manhua” for which in the 1920s, he designed the covers.

1927 published his popular comic series “Mr. Wang”.

1937 in charge of All China Association of Cartoonists for National Salvation.
During WWII invited by the Psychological Warfare Dept. of the US Army to draw cartoons and studied guohua under Zhang Daqian.

1946 visited India with dancer Dai Ailian.
After 1949 he was the head of Chinese Painting Dept. of ZAFA

Source: Michael Sulivan, Modern Chinese Artists, 2006

Huang Yao and Ye Qianyu met in Shanghai in the 1930s as they were both involved in cartoons. They were both on the organizing committee as well as were exhibited at the 1936 First National Cartoon Exhibition in Shanghai.

In 1937, the China Association of Cartoonists for National Salvation was established in Shanghai, Ye Qianyu led many cartoonists to the interior, while Huang Yao, Te Wei, Liao Binxiong and others stayed in Shanghai as editors of the “National Salvation Cartoons Magazine”.

The following image was done by Ye Qianyu of Huang Yao


Link: China Association of Cartoonists for National Salvation


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