1948 Article about Niubizi Huang Yao by Tian Tian



Tiantian was a boy 4 years older than Chen Juanjuan, the child actress. Huang Yao was called “laotouzi” by the children. He got Juanjuan to do movies and encouraged Tiantian to write articles for magazines.

In this article by Tiantian, he describes that Huang Yao was as famous as Ye Qianyu. When the war started Huang Yao formed the Children’s Cartoon for National Salvation Association. Children went to the streets to request for donations, others drew cartoons at the 'club' house in the concession, food was provided as well as materials for paintings were supplied to them to paint national salvation cartoons.

Huang Yao was summoned to the police station. When he returned, he told them that the club-house was ordered to be closed in order to protect the children. Huang Yao himself took the paintings from Shanghai to Hangzhou, Hankou and the interior for exhibiting. There was a letter from him while he was in Hangzhou and then no more news.

I heard he went to Guilin, Sichuan, Chengdu, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xikang, further and further away. In those 8 years, he was a teacher, an engineer, a special agent, a manager, a factory head, a soldier, an important government official, a book-shop owner. 

He got married and had a son, his wife is shrewd and helped him to saved some money. A friend betrayed him and he had to spend 3 months on a court case. Upon release, he became special agent of Xikang (a state that has now become part of Sichuan and Tibet).

It was then there that there was a letter from him telling about the difficulties in the interior, but finally victory was in sight. I was happy for him, but there was no clear return address. Juanjuan and her grandmother had gone to Hong Kong. Many classmates were refugees, some had died others were lost. I had to stop schooling and worked as an apprentice at a newspaper. I wished he were here, for me to tell him about all the changes.

After the victory, there was no news of his whereabouts. I visited his home in Shanghai. I heard that he was in Hong Kong. In spring, I received a letter from him that he is working hard with Niubizi and was planning to go to France for an exhibition. 

He wrote, "There was too much blood and tears, enough to make “laotouzi” drift away for life as I can’t bear to return”. My letter to him was returned. Then I heard that he left Hong Kong. I don't know when we will meet again. After the world war, the ordinary people's life has become harder and harder, “laotouzi” might as well not come back, life here is harder than life outside.


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