1970s The Eight Talks of Niubizi



72 pages, the book teaches one how to draw human figures through Niubizi. Published in mandarin by The Sun Cultural Supplies, Kuala Lumpur. No publishing date, likely 1970.


First Talk : Niubizi and the construction of his face

Second Talk : Niubizi and more details of his face

Third Talk : Niubizi and his facial expression

Fourth Talk : Niubizi and his body

Fifth Talk : Niubizi and his side view

Sixth Talk : Niubizi and his posture

Seventh Talk : Niubizi and complicated postures

Eighth Talk : Niubizi and his hands

The original book contains ten talks, the last two talks are about the personality of Niubizi as well as the origin of Niubizi’s name which is deep in philosophy and thus omitted in this publication.


Download PDF: 1970s The Eight Talks of Niubizi (78 pages, 14.9MB in chinese)

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