October 25 2011 Leap Magazine: A Distance Spirit of Independence - The Cartoon Art of Huang Yao by Xiao Xiaolan


Leap Magazine by Xiao xiaolan

This article was published on Leap Magazine, October 25th 2011.

It is an incontestable fact that, in contemporary China, the original social and critical nature of cartooning has diminished. An exhibition of work by Huang Yao (1917-1987) at the Shanghai Art Museum earlier this year showed a cartoonist working in Shanghai in the 1930s and 40s who possessed a spirit of independence, at once coolly exposing society’s ills and earnestly advocating societal revival. 

Source (English): The Distant Spirit of Independence: the Cartoon Art of Huang Yao by Xiao Xiao Lan. Translated by Daniel Nieh.
Source (Chinese): 远去的独立精神:黄尧的漫画艺术. 文: 肖小兰 / 翻译:聂本洲

Download PDF : A Distance Spirit of Independence: The Cartoon Art of Huang Yao, an article by Xiao Xiaolan, taken from Leap Magazine, October 2011 (8 pages, Chinese and English) 


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