August 13 to 24 2011 Rediscovered Talent: Huang Yao Cartoonist/Scholar/Painter - Symposium


Watch the symposium on Youtube or Youku.

The symposium was held on the 13th of August 2011 and chaired by Ms. Xiao Xiaolan, ex-Director of the Academic Department of the Shanghai Art Museum, curator of this exhibition. The panel includes 17 industry experts, according order of appearance:

1.Xie Chunyan - Artist, Cartoonist, Art Critic

2.Kwok Kian Chow - Director of Singapore National Art Gallery

3.Huang Ke - Art Editor, Art Historian

4.Mao Shian - Art Critic, Shanghai Municipal Culture Bureau Senior Staff

5.Li Lunxin - Writer

6. Shu Shijun - Art Historian

7.Wang Liuyi - Asian Youth Animation & Comic Contest (AYACC) Secretary-general

8.Zheng Xinyao - Cartoonist, Xinmin Wanbao (Shanghai newspaper) Art Editor

9.Zheng Huagai - Zhan You (Beijing newspaper) Art Editor

10.Phua Kin Siang - Deputy Chairman, Cultural and Educational Committee, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Malaysia

11.Zhang Rongrong - Cartoonist Zhang Leping’s (Sanmao) Son

12.Li Weiwei - Cartoonist Wang Zimei’s Daughter

13.Liu Chan - Painter Liu Haisu’s Daughter

14.Shen Tiancheng - Cartoonist, Wenhui Bao (Shanghai Newspaper) Art Editor

15.Li Baochuan - Cartoons and Animation Researcher

16.Xiao Xiaolan - Shanghai Art Museum Director of Academic Department, Curator

17.Dr. Tan May Ling - Huang Yao’s Daughter in Law

Transcription is currently available for reading here: Download PDF : Transcription of the symposium (151 pages, English and Chinese)


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