About Ziyou Hua


Ziyou means to be free, and ziyou hua are paintings that were done spontaneously with or without a subject in mind. These paintings were painted after Huang Yao's Wenzi hua. It was likely that in the course of his research into the origins of Chinese characters, where he had to study the lifestyles of our early ancestors, and examined the cave drawings of primitive men, he was inspired to paint this set of paintings. Thus they can be considered as an extension of his Wenzi hua. The style used here is very different from all his other paintings. Although they were all executed with Chinese brush, ink and color on paper, they no longer looked specifically Chinese. Three of Huang Yao's cartoons shown below, from the "Eve and Adam" set depict the ways Eve created her paintings, which are apt demonstrations, of how Huang Yao created his some of his Zihua hua.

These categories selected here are by no means an exhaustive representation of this set of work. We welcome researchers to assist us in further understanding of Huang Yao's Ziyou hua.. 

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Human and Animals


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