Huang Yao's Landscape Creation2 - Returning Boat in the Rain


Fengyu GuiZhou "Returning Boat in the Rain"

Fengyu Guizhou 'Returning boat in the rain'

Chinese ink on rice paper

139.7 x 73.0cm


Private collection


For this piece of work, I started by ‘exercising’ my brush strokes by drawing different types of lines. The 'straight lines' were drawn freely with no restraint became the drizzle, reeds, and the raincoat. As for the banks of the beach, after drawing the horizontal line, dots were added from which shading was formed. They look like creases yet not really creases. I was delighted by this ink play.

If you apply these long and short lines freely, you will be sure to form many different types of painting styles. Should you wish to, you could also have a subject in mind before painting. You can draw lines on paper (like when one doodles), expressing what you have in your mind. An image will appear on the paper, date that and keep it.

Try to do this as an exercise everyday. After some time, you will find that you have a kind of vigor and boldness in your brush strokes (especially if you have followed the principles in calligraphy strokes). Then examine whether your painting has resemblance to reality or not, as they will be considered as realistic, abstract or expressionistic. It is not necessary to be concerned whether this is a new or a traditional style of painting. If the image you had in your mind came with poetry or special saying, this can be the title for your painting.Huang Yao, Moyuan Suibi, 1982

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Huang Yao's Landscape Creation1:  Returning Boat in the Rain




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