Huang Yao's Landscape Creation1 - A Verse from the Red Cliff


Hou Chi Bi Fu

"Hou Chi Bi Fu"- Song poetry by Su Shi

Chinese ink on rice paper

86.3 x 144.2cm


Huang Yao Collection in Singapore Art Museum


Sometimes I paint human figures and at other times, landscape, depending on my mood. I let my mind follow its natural inclinations without restraint or obstruction. This is similar to the western saying, 'When inspiration comes, start to pen immediately'. 

In painting Chinese landscapes, you can use the same brush strokes in calligraphy to 'write' the painting, using dots, lines and shades. If the final product resembles reality, it is a realistic paintingí. If the painting shows harmony of brush and ink but without 'form', then they can be called abstract. Those between 'resemblance' and 'not exactly resemblance' but full of harmonious presence, are considered as expressionistic paintings and can make you feel full of wonder and interest.

As Chinese paintings can be executed by using calligraphic skills, calligraphers should be bold enough to learn to paint. Practice will make perfect. If you have some unforgettable poem or saying in your mind, you can use that for the content of your paintings. Then you will also have the title to you painting.

Huang Yao, Moyuan Suibi, 1982

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Huang Yao's Landscape Creation1: A Verse from the Red Cliff




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